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45000YYY14P/NASPO / (CORE 2015-0000-0000-138)
Conserve-A-Watt Lighting, Inc.
- Facilities MRO / (Lighting) Lamps, Ballasts, and Light Fixtures -
Contract Information

Price Agreement Summary
The State of Nevada on the behalf of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) has established this multi-state cooperative contract for Facilities Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations ("MRO"). The purpose of this NASPO Master Agreement is to provide a purchasing vehicle for MRO supplies and equipment for all State Agencies and local government agencies, which is any Colorado city, county, special district, or other governmental body empowered to spend public funds. While the State Purchasing Office makes this NASPO Master Agreement available to local governmental agencies, each local agency should make its own determination of whether using this State Price Agreement is consistent with its procurement policies and regulations. Additionally, this State Price Agreement can be used by eligible non-profit organizations who have submitted request for eligibility to the State Purchasing Office and have received approval. (Note: effective 3/2015, the Western States Contracting Alliance "WSCA" merged with NASPO.)

1. Colorado Participating Addendum:

Document Description

State of Colorado, NASPO/WSCA Participating Addendum, contains the following documents:

Participating Addendum
Exhibit A: Additional Terms and Conditions:
Exhibit A1: CAW's On-line Terms - Modified

Colorado PA - Amendment #1 - effective 2/28/12:
(extends term to 5/31/12)

Colorado PA - Amendment #2 - effective 5/31/12:
(extends term to 2/28/13 and incorporates Exhibit B,
Sample Option Letter)

Colorado PA - Option Letter #1 - effective 3/1/13:
(extends term to 2/28/14)

Colorado PA - Option Letter #2 - effective 1/21/14:
(extends term to 9/30/14)

Colorado PA - Option Letter #3 - effective 10/1/14:
(extends term to 2/28/16)

Colorado PA - Option Letter #3 - (The State Controller's Office determined this met NASPO/NV extension condition and extends term to 2/28/17)

(Participating Addendum, Exhibit A and B)

Conserve-A-Watt- MRO PA- Amendment 1- effective 2-28-12 - SCO signed CMS 41346.pdf

2. NASPO(WSCA)/Nevada Master Contract (1862):

Document Description

NASPO(WSCA)/Nevada Master Contract 1862

NVP extension

NASPO(WSCA)/Nevada Request for Proposal - #1862
WSCA-Nevada MRO RFP 1862- 10-2011.pdfWSCA-Nevada MRO RFP 1862- 10-2011.pdf

A copy of the entire master agreement is available at the NASPO/WSCA website for (Nevada) - MRO: .