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State of Colorado Price Agreement

Agreement #:    180406/Omnia Partners
State of Colorado Price Agreement
Duration of Agreement:
Period Covered: Options:
Dec 19, 2022 To Apr 30, 2024 Option to Renew for 5 More Year(s)

Commodity Code:
Commodity Description:
Department of Personnel and Administration
State Purchasing Office
1525 Sherman St., 3rd Floor
Denver, CO 80203
    Mandy Zila at  (303) 866-6100

Small Business:
Minority Owned: No Woman Owned: No
Company: Steelcase Doing Business As:
Contact: Anne Chillman Contact Email: achillma@steelcase.com
Order Number: Toll Free/Cell Number: 303.810.1184
Fax: Payment Terms: N45
Address: 901 44th Ave. SE F.O.B.:
City, State, ZIP: Grand Rapids, MI  49508 Delivery:
Quote Email:

Steelcase is authorized under the Omnia Partners Master Agreement #2019.001899 to provide services in the following category: Office Furniture.

ORDERING AND PRICING: Steelcase is listed on the Omnia Partners page on the following website:


Please Note: for all purchase orders issued against this contract, the following must be shown on the PO:

Colorado State Contract #180406/ Omnia Partners Master Agreement # 2019.001899


Please get in touch with Darren Shavor for pricing and any other ordering information questions.

File TypeSizeFile Name
File TypeSizeFile Name
application/pdf 23,923 KB Master Contract_Steelcase_no_UC_Exhibit_B_01.pdf
application/pdf 2,400 KB Steelcase Fully signed Agreement.pdf
application/pdf 189 KB W9 Steelcase Inc.2022.pdf
Contract Status:

Workers' Comp: General Liability: Other Insurance: Other Insurance Description:
Mar 1, 2023
Not applicable Not applicable
File TypeSizeFile Name
application/pdf 62 KB Attachment_2 - COI STEELCASE INC 2022-2023.pdf

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This Agreement results from the following solicitation:


Amendment Number:
Amendment Effective On:
Reason For Amendment:
Amendment History:


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